#throwbackthursday Dj Mix with Tribe Called Quest, Janet Jackson, Groove Theory

I grew up djing a lot of 90's Hip Hop and RnB so a lot of the songs have stuck in my mind since then. I still remember the days of walking up to a house party for a Dj gig with my crew, carrying milk crates of vinyl, an array of speakers from our parents' homes, and 4 turntables and 2 mixers because we felt that the more tables we had, the better. I miss those days of Dj crews and turntablism where teams would actually make live remixes happen while rocking a party. During those time, I remember having to make space for our setup with makeshift tables, chairs, stools, stacked milkcrates, and even a coffee table with books just to make sure we could still scratch without skipping.

This #tbt mix is one of my favorites because it's what I used to mix back in the day to get the party in a smooth sexy mood. The Q-Tip "So why you wanna go and do that?" classic flow and sample rings in the Janet Jackson "Till It's Gone" track and is a perfect follow-up to the Tribe Called Quest "Find A Way" and then into Groove Theory "Tell Me" for an RnB party that'll get people grinding.

Hope you enjoy the mix and follow me on Instagram and Youtube for more updated mixes!


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