#turnuptuesday mix for August 14, 2018 | Doomz

Another #turnuptuesday dj mix with @realcoleworld “ATM” + @liltunechi “A Milli” + @kendricklamar “Backseat Freestyle” + @flosstradamus “Rollup” + Dj Rashad “Drank Kush Barz” 🤘🏽Watch my IGTV for full mix and behind the scenes commentary 😎

I had a fun with this one since I just felt the beat when I came up with the mix. I basically just started with ATM and went from straight memory on what tracks should go next and it flowed into each other quite nicely. I like how it goes from Hip Hop to Juke, which shows how different genres not only vibe but also stem from the same roots of Hip Hop and Electronic Music.


#doomz #djdoomz #djdoomz #turnuptuesdays #turnuptuesdays #turnuptuesdaymix

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