#turnuptuesday mix with Big Daddy Kane, Mary Jane Girls, Ty Dolla Sign, Keni Burke 9-4-18 | Doomz

Yes, a new Turnup Tuesday mix is up and I love it! Redman “I Can’t Wait (remix)” + Big Daddy Kane “Smooth Operator” + Mary Jane Girls “All Night Long” + Jeremih Ty Dolla Sign “The Light” + Keni Burke “Risin’ To The Top”

If you didn't know, Djing is harder than it looks. I think the advent of "sync" on controllers has made it easy for newer Dj's to beat match so the skill and craft of mixing has been automated. I'm not complaining since Djing on CDJ's is quite fun when everything is in sync and in key, leaving you space to play with effects and other sound inputs. The art of beat matching and mixing really comes into play when you mix older songs that aren't dictated by a drum machine BPM - they had real drummers playing to their internal metronome. So mixing older soul tracks into the songs that sampled them takes some live tuning and modifications to the pitch to make sure the kick and snare don't go off beat.

In other words, I love y'all so much, I do this on camera to show you how fun it is to Dj :)


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